Sunday, September 16, 2012

LACQUER LUST: OPI 'Just Spotted the Lizard'

I purchased this nail polish about a month ago and have definitely fallen in love with it.  'Just Spotted the Lizard' came out with the recent Spiderman collection by OPI, but I am not sure if you can still purchase it in stores.  There has actually been a lot of hype surrounding this shade because it's an exact dupe for Chanel 'Peridot' Nail Lacquer.  And, looking at swatches of both, they are definitely similar.  Except the price tag, of course.

This shade is stunning and like nothing I have in my collection.  It's shimmery, which is not what I typically go for, but the unique shade definitely drew me in.  The color changes depending on the angle you're looking at it from and the lighting.  Sometimes it's gold, sometimes it's green, sometimes it's blue.  It's one of those nail colors that you can't help but stare at all the time.  I seriously catch myself just staring at my nails at random points during the day.  

This polish lasts on the nails for about 4 - 5 days without chipping, which is fairly good in my opinion.  The coats are just thin, shimmery coats that build up to a more opaque color.  It takes quite a few coats to build up the color, maybe 5 or 6, but the coats dry very fast since they are quite thin.


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  1. Wow, this shade is gorgeous. Definitely a must have for fall.